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    Purchase GeForce NOW subscription — get 3 months of PC Game Pass


    Play on any device with GeForce NOW

    With the GeForce NOW gaming service, you can run some of the best games from the PC Game Pass catalog at maximum* graphics settings on any device: a low-end PC, laptop, Macbook, TV, or even a smartphone or tablet.

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    How to receive PC Game Pass

    • From June 4 to July 5, purchase Premium or Ultimate for 30, 180, or 365 days.
    • Immediately after, you will receive an email with a 3-month PC Game Pass activation code at the email address you provided when you registered on GFN.AM. It can only be activated by users who have not previously had a Game Pass subscription.
    Purchase subscription

    If you experience any difficulties or have additional questions, please contact our technical support at

    The activation code is valid until 5 July 2024


    PC Game Pass gives you access to high-quality, day one games in a variety of genres from AAA blockbusters to unique indies. The PC Game Pass catalog features games from major publishers including Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and more. The perfect way to start exploring the world of gaming!

    Many big games from the PC Game Pass catalog are already available on the GeForce NOW gaming service. These include hits like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Fallout 76, Minecraft Dungeons, and more. New games from the PC Game Pass catalog are added to GFN.AM nearly every week.

    PC Game Pass is now officially available in three regions operated by GFN.AM: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.


    *Maximum graphics settings are available with an Ultimate plan, as long as the user has the required quality of equipment.