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      • GeForce NOW is a gaming service that lets you play modern video games with stunning graphics and performance on any device, even your phone. With NVIDIA's cloud technology, games run on a remote server and stream to your device with minimal delay.

      • Service supports more than 1500 games and this list is constantly growing! You can see a complete list on our website in the "Games" section, as well as in our application.

      • Yes. The service synchronizes with libraries of Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, GOG and not only. On these platforms you can buy games available in our service. But do not forget about the free games. You can find them on the appropriate page of the site.

      • No. All driver and game updates will be automatically installed by NVIDIA.

      • Sure! You can try out our service with a free Basic subscription - with 30-minute gaming sessions and no access to NVIDIA RTX and DLSS technologies.

      • Ultimate is a new subscription with exclusive access to servers with RTX 4080, the shortest queue time, the highest performance, up to 4K resolution and frame rate up to 120 FPS!

      • GeForce NOW requires at least 35 Mbps to stream up to 1440p or 1600p at 120 frames per second. We also recommend using a wired Ethernet connection or a 5 GHz wireless router.

      • GeForce Now service works almost on any, including the weakest computers and computers with other operating systems (OS X). You only need 15 Mbit/sec Internet (25 Mbit/sec recommended for optimal gaming experience).

        System requirements can be found on our website.

      • GeForce NOW supports most Mac devices with macOS 10.10 and higher.

      • The GeForce NOW applications for Mac and PC are updated automatically. If not, you can download the latest version from our website and install it.

      • Yes, this message may appear when logging into your Steam account because the Geforce Now virtual machine is detected as a new computer. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you may need to enter a code from Steam Guard.

        You can also check the "trust this computer" box during authorization, so that the next time you play in this virtual machine you do not need to be checked.

      • Yes. GeForce NOW works like a normal PC. Just tick the checkbox to keep the password. Don't worry, it's safe.

      • After you start the game, a message may appear on the screen saying that you need to install patches. This rarely happens when the automatic patch installation system has not yet finished updating the game you started. In this case, you need to wait a little bit.

      • GeForce NOW streams games at up to 1080p resolution and up to 60 frames per second depending on the quality of your network connection and the nature of the game. The best graphics settings are automatically selected for all games at startup. These settings are set by NVIDIA to provide the best possible quality and performance based on your network speed and the visual complexity of the game.

        You can change the settings and screen resolution, but they will reset back to the recommended settings the next time you start.

      • GeForce NOW works like any standard application. In macOS, you can jump to the previous application you had open with Command + Tab. If you only have one workspace, you can navigate to the desktop with Control + Left Arrow and return to GeForce NOW with Control + Right Arrow.

        In Windows, go to the previous open application with the ALT-TAB keys.

      • No, windowed mode is not supported yet. Games run in full screen mode on PC and Mac.

      • Yes, but it is mandatory to have cloud syncing of saves enabled for each game in digital stores.

      • This message may appear from time to time, because the cloud versions were not fully synchronized during the last game session. It is recommended to choose the last saved version of the game in case such a message appears.

      • Remember to save the game before quitting, otherwise all achievements will be lost or will not sync with your library.

        On macOS, press Command-Q to exit the game quickly.
        On Windows, press ALT-F4

      • The network status is displayed in the overlay in the upper right corner. By default, these settings appear on the screen when there is a problem with the network quality.

        To activate these settings, follow the instructions:
        In the case of a PC or Mac, click on the gear icon to access the NVIDIA settings. You can leave them permanently activated or disable this option.

      • Yes.

      • To see which games support NVIDIA Highlights, select the "Highlights support" filter from the list of games.

      • NVIDIA Highlights is automatically activated for supported games. Simply select a game with Highlights support and run it. You can open an in-game overlay with Alt+Shift+Z in Windows or Cmd+Shift+Z in Mac to view the gallery and settings for content.

      • This can be avoided by reassigning the overlay hotkeys of one of the applications. For example, you can change the GeForce Experience overlay hotkeys to Ctrl+Alt+Z.

      • To reduce the impact of Highlights on game streaming, we do not change the incoming game stream to a fixed resolution. If the network connection settings change, Highlights will also be recorded in different resolutions. Switching resolutions will have no effect if you run them on the default media player in the OS in which they were recorded, or upload them to third-party sites or social networks.

      • By default there is no limit on the size of the NVIDIA Highlights video. If you want to set a limit to not use too much disk space, activate the Disk Space Limit feature in the in-game overlay. With Disk Space Limit enabled, you can save up to 500MB of video.

      • In the case of Windows, the Highlights gallery is at

        \Users[username]\Videos\NVIDIA\GeForce NOW\game:

        On macOS, your Highlights entries are stored here:
        /Users/username/Movies/NVIDIA/GeForce NOW/game

      • At the moment, there is no support for saving to the cloud for Highlights.

      • The Bluetooth standard supports several profiles for audio. The two most common for Bluetooth headsets are the Headset Profile (HSP), which is used for telephone conversations (low bandwidth voice type signals), and the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for quality audio, such as listening to music. When you connect a Bluetooth headset to your computer, the system assigns a profile depending on whether or not the Bluetooth headset microphone is in use.

        The GeForce NOW uses a microphone for chatting. As a result, macOS chooses the Headset Profile (HSP) for the headset when using a Bluetooth headset for gaming in GeForce NOW. This can lead to poorer sound quality in the headset.

        At this point, you can get around this problem by selecting the Mac's built-in microphone instead of the headset's Bluetooth microphone. This can be done under Settings > Sound > Input > Internal Microphone. PC users can also change the microphone input in the Windows settings.