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    NVIDIA Highlights

    NVIDIA Highlights - auto recording of all multikills and victorious battles. The technology itself recognizes the fact that you've just made a highlight, and saves a video recording of it on your computer. Available in some games - like Apex Legends and Counter Strike.

    How to launch Highlights and find a video?

    Highlights feature is enabled manyally. Check out hotkeys and locations of saved fiiles.

    Keyboar Shortcut Windows macOS
    Open/Close the Share In-Game Overlay (IGO) Ctrl+G command(⌘)+G
    Save a screenshot Ctrl+1 command(⌘)+1
    Toggle Instant Replay on/off Ctrl+Shift+0 command(⌘)+Shift+0
    Save last [user defined] mins/seconds recorded Ctrl+0 command(⌘)+0
    Toggle Record on/off Ctrl+9 command(⌘)+9
    Toggle Microphone on/off Ctrl+M command(⌘)+M

    Windows location of Highlights:
    \Users[username]\Videos\NVIDIA\GeForce NOW\game

    macOS location of Highlights:
    /Users/username/Movies/NVIDIA/GeForce NOW/game